Conflictes socioambientals del sistema alimentari a Catalunya
Round table

Socio-environmental conflicts surrounding the food system in Catalonia

October 17th - 17.30 H

On-site with maximum capacity

The current industrial agri-food system generates a series of environmental conflicts that are manifested through struggles and mobilisations in response to the impact this system has on the environment and society. These conflicts are mainly associated with the defence of environmental conditions or equal access and distribution of natural resources, often occurring in production and transit areas, and ultimately affecting the regions and communities where they happen. They often reveal conflicting interests, different development paradigms, and aspects related to involvement in decision-making.

The aim of this roundtable is to address some of the main current socio-environmental conflicts in Catalonia, arising from the food system, and to understand the causes and impacts both in Catalonia and the Global South, in order to make them visible, encourage dialogue and provide possible solutions or alternatives.