Montserrat Coberó i Farrés

Member of various platforms fighting for an energy-transition model at the service of citizens. Manages several rural development projects in Catalonia.

Montserrat Coberó i Farrés is a graduate in History from the University of Barcelona and has a master's degree in Museology and Cultural Heritage, a postgraduate diploma in New Leisure and Tourist Activity Management and Dynamisation and a postgraduate diploma in Local Development from the UB.

She has dedicated her professional career to working for the appreciation of historical and archaeological heritage and for sustainable tourism development. She was the driving force behind the creation of several associations, local development consortiums and TURALCAT (Catalan Confederation of Rural Tourism and Agrotourism), an organisation that works to promote sustainable rural tourism and the comprehensive development of rural areas.

At the start of 2020, facing the avalanche of wind-farm macroprojects being proposed for central Catalonia, she helped to create several platforms and work groups in La Segarra with the aim of analysing their impact. She later contributed to the creation of a network with the various Ponent platforms. She has been coordinating the Xarxa Catalana per a una Transició Energètica Justa since spring 2021, a network that groups together 89 platforms and organisations from various parts of Catalonia. She helped with the preparation of the “New Energy-Transition Model at the Service of Citizens — Action Plan —” a document that puts forward a series of proposals to encourage social debate and initiatives. She collaborates on the State level with Aliente, an organisation that coordinates initiatives under the CA umbrella.