Eudald Rifà Castro

Active member of the Grup de Defensa del Ter

The GDT was founded in 1989 with the aim of reclaiming life and the environment of the Ter River basin. Based on its interest in the river and concern for all the problems which affect it, the GDT has widened its scope of action to a multitude of environment-related issues. We can now say that its territorial area of action extends beyond the River Ter Basin.

The organisation currently has more than 450 members of all ages and from a very broad range of social backgrounds. The GDT covers two fundamental areas: reclaiming and spreading love for the river and everything around it. Protest events, denouncements, talks, walks, “llunes del Ter”, allotments, source analyses, volunteer work camps and assemblies have been held over the years… And above all, the prevailing feature has always been the conviction that the GDT’s project had to be and is a peaceful project working for love and respect of LIFE:  the lives of people, nature and the planet.


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