Gonzalo Gamboa Jiménez

Ecological economist

Gonzalo Gamboa is an ecological economist who has a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has extensive experience in combining participatory processes and analytical frameworks, such as multi-criterion assessments, for public policy decision-making.

He is a specialist in defining, choosing and using biophysical and socio-economic indicators, derived from contradictory values and views found in society, to characterise and analyse socio-economic systems and their relationship with the environment. He is interested in particular in analysing rural and food systems.

Gonzalo took part in the assessment of food sovereignty in Catalonia with Arran de Terra, SCCL. He took part in the GLAMUR project at the ICTA-UAB where he assessed and analysed food supply chains according to various narratives found in society. In addition, in recent years he has also taken part in the design processes for Collserola and Les Gavarres Agricultural Contracts. The latter already has its first invitation to tender.

He was the coordinator of the Master's degree in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice at the ICTA-UAB, where he currently coordinates the Course on Methodological Applications for Action-Research.

He is presently a researcher at the ICTA-UAB, working on the H2020 Water Mining project, for reclaiming waste-water and seawater-desalination resources. He coordinates relations between the project and social players, and the incorporation of social values into technological development processes.

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