Gastronomic heritage


How our grandparents ate, how we eat now in relation to those days and how we will eat in the decades to come are just some of the reflections that help us to understand that eating is a cultural action associated with specific customs and lifestyles. Taking a look at how we used to eat, cook and produce food in the past and why, will help us to reflect on our current approach and how we want to do things in the future. To talk about sustainable food is to talk about the evolution of our eating habits and the reasons for us eating a certain way at a certain time. Considering how our eating habits have evolved will help us to understand where we are at present and where we want to be. And where we do not want to be.

Activities description:  Sampling food from our past that is now unknown, comparing it to the food we currently consume and experimenting with the food of the future are all activities that will be explored. There will also be talks and even concerts demonstrating how music is associated with how we eat and, who knows, how we will eat in the future. The boundaries between culture and food are blurred, meaning that we write our own history as we eat.