Waste vs Good use


How much food is thrown away every day? Food waste is a phenomenon in all phases of the food cycle, before it arrives in shops and after we buy or eat it. There are countless, simple ways of avoiding food waste. In the home, it is all about getting organised and planning before you shop. Both in the home and elsewhere, thinking about how we eat, committing to consumption options that promote sustainable management and pursuing policies and dynamics that do not waste resources. Making good use of food is a sustainable option in every respect.

Activities description: Talks will focus on providing information about ongoing initiatives to prevent food waste and create community networks to make good use of food. It will also be possible to experiment with workshops and meals, demonstrating how making good use of food, in addition to being sustainable, can be tasty and healthy. Discovering and getting to try first-hand what you can do, and what is already being done to save and waste less food and eat more consciously.