Què? Quan? Com? Qüestionem-nos l’alimentació!

What? When? How? Ask yourself questions about food!

October 16th - 12.30 H

On-site with limited capacity

What foods are naturally available in each season? How can we maintain a varied, healthy and sustainable diet? This master class guides participants towards sustainable, local and seasonal food. During the session, we will see various strategies for healthy cooking and seasonal food conservation, so we can enjoy them all year round and get the most out of them.
The master class also shares practical ideas for conserving, storing and cooking the food, sharing explanations about the social and environmental importance of our food habits with the audience. Gaining a culture of better food use and providing specific tools for getting the most out of food products. Advice is given on how to eat a complete, balanced diet without dying in the process. Where should we store carrots? What do we do with so many tomatoes? What we can do with summer fruit? If you would like to hear some practical, everyday advice that is fun and visual, don’t miss this class!