Taller de vaixelles comestibles

Edible crockery workshop. How can we get children to eat fruit and vegetables in a fun, and light-hearted way?

October 16th - 10.00 H / 11.00 H / 12.00 h / 13.00 H

On-site with maximum capacity. 

At the edible crockery workshop, children will create their own seasonal spoons, bowls and glasses using domestic technologies, with fruit and vegetables as their materials.
The aim is to offer children and parents a fun, creative activity that involves healthy food.
At the workshop, the children explore the shapes, textures, colours, aromas and tastes of the vegetables, learning concepts such as seasonal produce, location, ecology and properties of the fruit and vegetables. At the same time, the workshop fosters the introduction of these foodstuffs in their daily diets.