Cinturó agrari metropolità: quan la ciutat es fa responsable del que menja
Round table

Metropolitan agricultural belt: when the city takes responsibility for what it eats

October 16th - 17.30 H

On site, with controlled audience capacity

The Metropolitan agricultural belt is the on-site embodiment of the need (exacerbated by climate change and the biodiversity crisis) for healthy, wholesome and sustainable local supplies. It starts in the Metropolitan Area and includes the entire Metropolitan Region: it has a bottom-up structure, based on the view, already accepted by some city councils, that we need to preserve or create an agricultural belt around every municipality. We are therefore talking about a belt of belts.

To make this possible, the two main challenges we face are access to production resources and guaranteed fair prices. And in addition to this demand for “minimum prices for food and maximum prices for land”, there is the vital importance of adopting large-scale healthy, mitigating and regenerative agronomic practices. This means that financial aid for farmers has to involve cross compliance, but also has to be available to everyone, not just the big producers.