Arnau Montserrat Vilaseca

Agroecological dynamiser

Ruralitzem is a network of projects located at the foot of the Solana de Collserola, across the mountain range, committed to building up food sovereignty in our neighbourhoods. It is reclaiming new agro-ecological spaces which are included on this map, but also preserves those that are already in use, strengthening allocated or occupied allotments. It is committed to short circuits and a metropolitan agrarian belt that makes Zero km a reality. The network believes in the need for a radical change to address the climate emergency, as agro-ecological production systems are the key to large-scale carbon-capturing. We need more organic school canteens, more farmers’ markets, more ways of accessing a really popular organic product. And we also need less legislation and fewer municipal byelaws putting obstacles in the way of direct selling or urban husbandry. We want public seed banks and cooperative supermarkets. We are ultimately calling on everyone to get fully involved in all this.

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