L’eficiència energètica a la cuina: un ingredient clau per avançar cap a una alimentació sostenible

Energy efficiency in the kitchen: a key ingredient for moving towards sustainable food. Workshop on low energy consumption cooking

October 17th - 12.00 H

On-site with limited capacity

A workshop on low energy consumption cooking, to provide ideas and tips for cooking while using as little energy as possible. Tackling the problem in a practical way, we encourage reflection on better food-use cooking and healthy, sustainable food. The workshop aims to provide participants with viable tools for furthering their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their food, opting for simple, but transformative, solutions. The workshop's objective, through various demonstrations as well as practical and theoretical advice, is to apply this in everyday life. It also fosters the culture of better food use and a complete, balanced diet. The workshop includes an explanation from an expert and the live preparation of various recipes.