XVII Festival de Sopes del Món Mundial
Culinary experience

XVII International Soups of the World Festival

October 17th - 10.30 H

On-site with limited audience capacity

Since 2004, after learning about the experience of the Lille Soup Festival (France), 9 Barris Acull and the Knowledge-Exchange Network have been organising the International Soups of the World Festival with the aim of improving life and relationships amongst neighbours.
Why have a soup festival? Most importantly, it is a reason to get together, and also because soup is a symbol of something mixed together, yet also very different; something very unique, yet quite universal. All soups share some basic elements (the fire, water, pot, etc.), and from here, the diversity is almost infinite: vegetables, meat, spices...and all the other ingredients that each village and each family has on hand. Therefore, soups are essentially all the same, but at the same time, all unique; all different but all alike, just like people.
The festival is a good excuse to get together: the neighbours have the opportunity to gather in the streets and share culinary traditions from all over. There is nothing better than the warmth of a soup to break the ice and leave aside prejudice and stereotypes, and give us the opportunity to get to know one another and start new things together, so that the current simmer of our neighbourhood translates into a better way of living for everyone.