Parlem dels horts: alimentar-nos tot l’any

Speaking about gardens: feeding ourselves all year round

October 19th - 19.00 H

Online. Registration via the following link

Virtual session offering advice and answering questions about the value of seasonality: food production and distribution models, urban garden planning, and strategies for preserving and extending the availability of products.
Not sure what to do with all the tomatoes you pick from the garden in the summer? Wondering how come you can buy tomatoes from the market all year round? In this session, we will look at the calendar and highlight the seasonal nature of horticultural produce. We will analyse the models of production and distribution of products in the agri-food industry and, at the same time, learn how to make a good plan for starting seeds and planting in our gardens, while discovering strategies for conserving and extending the availability of the products we grow throughout the whole year.

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