Ramats de Foc

Ramats de Foc (Herds of fire)

October 17th - 12.00 H

On site with maximum capacity


Ramats de Foc is a prescribed-silvopasture project aimed at boosting the contribution of livestock in fire-risk management through pasture in strategic forest areas.

Prescribed silvopasture is the practice of extensive livestock feeding following established a priori guidelines and goals to achieve a type of fire-resistant forest mass and Ramats de Foc is an initiative to promote this work, and help to extend it through our forests and bring it added value.

The project also aims to promote continuity of livestock activity in the region, through its twofold food and landscaping work, and to strengthen the ties between shepherds and local butchers.

By promoting the consumption of livestock animals that manage our forests, the aim is to encourage a change of perception in society so people understand how a certain kind of regional management will enable protection against the big fires that cause the most damage and that initiatives as simple as consuming local livestock are already helping to maintain fire-adapted landscapes.


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