Pau Costa Foundation


The Pau Costa Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on forest-fire prevention and management and large-scale emergencies. The Pau Costa Foundation facilitates meetings between investigators, emergency services and civil society, with the aim of disseminating knowledge and carrying out projects that serve both the forest fire community and society in general.

The Pau Costa Foundation was set up to meet the need to establish a European platform for capitalising on the knowledge and experience accumulated by specialists in ecology and fire management and for sharing this knowledge with others at national and international levels. 

The last decade has seen research centres, fire-extinguishing services, training centres, society etc., contacting the Pau Costa Foundation to exchange experiences and knowledge in workshops, talks, knowledge exchanges and operational training. These exchanges always meet common requirements. For example, speed in communication between the forest community, facilitating exchanges between various organisations and the various emergency management levels, capitalisation on experience, use of knowledge as a solid learning tool for every type of emergency and promoting a change of perception within society on forest and countryside fires. 

This is the PCF’s mission and, at the same time, represents a step forward for managing emergencies and crises. This comprehensive and leadership vision is being promoted by the PCF’s executive and managerial team, which also enjoys the support and backing of an international network of experts.