The future of food: how to combine health and sustainability

October 14th from 15.00 to 20.10 H

On-site, with a reservation here. The event will also be broadcast online

As part of the goals of the Barcelona 2021 World Capital of Sustainable Food, and to help promote a transition towards food sustainability, combining people's health with the planet's health, the conference aims to raise awareness about the need for this transition, as well as discussing scientific data and the projects that are being carried out in this field.
The conference is on the future of food: how to combine health and sustainability. It aims to combine experience with academic knowledge, civil society and public institutions, in a reflective debate on the challenges facing us in our move towards 5S food (Salubrious, Sustainable, Safe, Social and Satisfactory), with speeches, roundtables and debates concerning diets and health, the impact of climate change on food systems, agroecology and ecological food, equity, biodiversity and food safety and their socio-economic impact.  It will also discuss the subjects of food equity, the right to food and perspectives on food vulnerability, as well as the environmental impact of food and diets, food waste and the added value of local produce as being good for the planet and for strengthening local economies.
The conference will be taking place on 13 October, from 4 to 8 pm, and on 14 October, from 3 to 8:10 pm.


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