The City Agreement for Sustainable Food is to hold its first meeting

The first meeting of this new space will take place on Monday, 20 March. Any organisations that are interested can now apply to sign up.

01/03/2023 - 12:35 h - City Council Ajuntament de Barcelona

Once the Barcelona Healthy and Sustainable Food Strategy for 2030, a roadmap aimed at transforming the city’s food system, is presented and approved, the next step to take is to activate and launch the instrument responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance: the City Agreement.

The Agreement is the city’s new participatory body, which was approved at the Full Municipal Meeting of 25 November and will be working to promote project cooperation, action and coordination to bring about progress in a healthy, sustainable and universal construction of the common good and fundamental right that is sustainable food.

The first meeting of this new space will take place on Monday, 20 March at 10 am, in the Pati Llimona courtyard. The meeting’s goals will include:

  • Explaining the various participatory spaces and their operating rules.
  • Finding out some of the initial commitments made so far
  • Working in groups according to subject area, to start sketching out the agreement’s future work spaces.

To take part in the first meeting, you will need to sign up here.

A participatory space

Just as the strategy is a document co-produced and drafted by representatives of the various players engaging in the city’s system – more than 1000 people and over a hundred organisations took part in the citizen consultation – cooperation also plays a key role in the Agreement.

In fact, the Agreement is presented as a public-private and joint-action cooperation space signed up to by all the city’s institutions and organisations working together to make the current food system healthier and more sustainable.

How to sign up to the Agreement

You will need to sign up before you can take part in the new space. Any organisations that are interested, whether public or private, can apply to sign up by filling in the following form.

Once they are signed up, the organisations will have to submit at least one commitment during the first two years of their membership, in other words, a declaration of intent which shows all city residents their aspirations for promoting healthy and sustainable food through specific actions.

Committed enterprises that achieve this second level of connection may enjoy various benefits, including leading work spaces, putting themselves forward for Healthy and Sustainable Food Awards and strengthening their social positioning.

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