Documentary film season

Il mare piange (a documentary by Luca Cusani and Cafi Mohamud, 2006).

October 21st - 22.00 H (variable according to betevé programming)
Betevé broadcasting

Betevé television

A confrontation between two civilisations and their ways of managing ocean resources: thanks to a multimillion-dollar agreement with the Senegalese government, every year, 500 European fishermen work in the waters off the coast of Senegal, equipped with the most advanced technologies. Every day, Senegalese fishermen go out to sea on fifteen thousand canoes to fish what is left from this unequal competition, equipped with knowledge of local currents and fishing grounds. The tragedy, however, is imminent: experts estimate that in a couple of decades there will be no fish left to fish.

This activity is part of the Betevé documentary film series that includes the films Fermentación espontánea, Taste the waste, Food for change and Il mare piange.