Visita guiada a la Llotja de Mar de Barcelona
Visit / Tour

Guided tour of the Confraria de Pescadors de Barcelona. How do fish get from the sea to our table?

October 19 at 7:30 h / October 20, 21 and 22 at 16:00 h

On-site, with prior booking.
It is mandatory to bring your ID to access the facilities. 



The fish market is a specific part of the Barcelona fishing port where the fish that have been caught during the day are auctioned off for sale. On the occasion of Sustainable Food Week, the market opens its doors so that we can learn about the fleet of the Fishermen’s Guild of la Barceloneta, the various fishing methods used and the environmental impact they have. During the visit, we will talk about the types of fishing and the methods used to catch different species, while learning what a day at the market is like, what species are sold at auction, and what measures are being taken to address the new challenges that are putting marine ecosystems at risk.