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Radio programme

Carne cruda on tour: special Sustainable Food Citizen Week

October 15th - 20.00 H

Prior booking. Listen to the podcast. 



The best radio team will carry out a live program that you cannot miss. Next Friday, October 15, on the occasion of Sustainable Food Week, they will interview different people with a lot to say in the world of food, with transforming projects of the current food system and focused on change. There will also be live music by rapper Anier. See you on October 15 at 8:00 p.m. in the Plaza Real in Barcelona. (In case of being left without an invitation, do not hesitate to come and occupy the chair that some soulless person has left free). Carne Cruda is an independent and alternative program financed by its listeners, which deals with current affairs and social interest, which promotes cooperation and the fact of freely sharing culture.