BioCultura, the leading organic food fair, returns to Barcelona

The 29th edition of the fair, which will be held from 4 to 7 May at the Palau Sant Jordi, aims to continue surprising visitors with the latest innovations in the sector.

18/04/2023 - 18:49 h - City Council Ajuntament de Barcelona

Two weeks before BioCultura Barcelona, all the signs indicate that this year’s edition could well be one of the most successful. Interest in the novelties presented, the level of sales expected by exhibitors, and the wide range of activities planned, may be among the reasons for its success.

And the director of the fair Ángeles Parra adds another one: inflation. ‘Rising prices mean that a lot of people will come back to shop at the fair. They want to take advantage of pricing that’s highly competitive – because there are no intermediaries between producers and consumers. And at the same time, they can get to know the people and the story behind the product’.

More than 300 companies from all the sectors linked to the fair (organic produce, eco-friendly hygiene and cosmetic products, sustainable fashion, services for health and wellness, etc.) have already confirmed that they will be participating.

A sector that continues to grow

On the verge of celebrating three decades in Catalonia, BioCultura is once again flexing its muscles and establishing itself as a major benchmark in the organic sector. Moreover, it’s a reminder that all the ideas introduced back in the day have now taken root, and are rapidly gaining ground in today’s society.

Juan Carlos Moreno, technical director of BioCultura, says that organic production is gaining prominence, growing steadily and becoming a more common feature on our tables, and above all in our minds. ‘High inflation has hit the sector, but to a lesser extent than others. Consumption data also brings good news; we keep on boosting business and employment (over 95,000 new jobs in the organic produce sector). There will be a great many small producers with a commitment to local, organic produce at BioCultura Barcelona. This is true sustainability, all the rest is just looking the other way, not seeing what the world really needs’.

The fair for professionals

Although BioCultura is mainly aimed at individual consumers, the professional space is one of the fair’s main attractions. A significant number of those attending will be professionals. According to the organisation, around 2,000 attend each edition.

For this reason, the fair also features professional activities aimed at giving the organic sector a boost, presenting the most innovative trends, looking for synergies to overcome challenges, etc.

Among the planned activities, the three roundtable discussions to be held on the afternoon of Friday 5 May stand out. At 5 pm, ‘Assessment of the Situation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Organic Agri-food Sector Today,’ with Natureco, Artiga Coop, Veritas and the Servei d’Ordenació Agrícola.

An hour later, at 6 pm, ‘The Opportunity Presented by Collective Catering as a Driving Force for the Introduction of Organic Consumer Products’. with Restauració, the Catalan Agro-Ecological School Dinners Network (XAMEC) and Veritas.

And finally, at 7 pm, the roundtable discussion ‘When Unity Creates Strength: Cooperation in the Marketing of Organic Products,’ with the Oficina Conjunta de l’Alimentació Sostenible, Apaema, and the Gestión Integral Agroecológica para los Sistemas Alimentarios Territorializados (GIASAT).

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