AgroVallbona: a window on the country to transform the neighbourhood

The project will drive agro-ecological activity, the preservation of heritage, connectivity with the surroundings and the creation of housing.

17/02/2023 - 11:56 h - Urban planning and infrastructures Ajuntament de Barcelona

The transformation of Vallbona, in the district of Nou Barris, will enable the neighbourhood to grow while adding vitality and maintaining the community spirit.

A country neighbourhood

The boost for agriculture and subsequent economic promotion will focus on two main spaces: La Ponderosa and the Granja del Ritz.

  • The property of La Ponderosa is the cornerstone of the project and is where the cultivation areas which will evolve towards organic produce are located. The land here will be reclassified as unable to be developed and given over to agricultural use, ensuring their use as such through time.
  • The Granja del Ritz, with its immense symbolic and popular memory value for the neighbourhood, will be regained and renovated to become an important facility and training and research centre for agro-ecology.

Preservation of popular and natural heritage

Work is also in progress on a protection plan for the Rec Comtal, with a green itinerary and rest areas along this former water channel, where people can walk or cycle.

Opening up the neighbourhood to the Besòs river will enable local people to enjoy the river and its surroundings, where a biodiversity shelter will also be created.

More housing and facilities

The construction of new housing will be limited to 200 homes, the idea being not to overdevelop a space where the intention is for greenery and agriculture to predominate. Facilities will also be moved and reorganised.

To improve connectivity within the neighbourhood, besides shifting part of the rail infrastructure below ground, a new crossing will be added over the tracks in a section which will remain above ground.

AgroVallbona also strengthens the ties and connectivity with the adjacent neighbourhood of Can Sant Joan, in Montcada i Rexaic.

A demand from local people, the project has been coordinated with the municipal neighbourhood plan.

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