The Vegetable Orchestra

The Vegetable Orchestra is an Austrian musical group who use instruments made entirely from fresh vegetables. 

The group, founded in February 1998 in Vienna, consists of ten musicians, one cook, and one sound technician. The members of the ensemble are all active in various artistic fields (for example trained musicians, sound poets, sculptors, media artists, designers, and architects) and have worked together on conceptualising and carrying out their project.

The interdisciplinary approach is a crucial factor in researching and further developing vegetable music. The intention is to create a sound experience that can be perceived with all senses.

The instruments are constructed with carrots, celery, peppers, pumpkin, courgette and other raw vegetables prior to the performances. Their sound is amplified with the use of special microphones.

After the performances, leftover vegetables and off-cuts are cooked into a soup for the audience.*

As of March 2019, more than 150 types of instruments had been invented since the band's inception and include carrot xylophones, radish bass flutes, pumpkin drums, leek violins, onion maracas, and many others.

*Due to COVID restrictions, soup might not be served at the end of this show.