Vanesa Freixa

Creator, activist and generator of critical thinking on rurality

She was in charge of the “Obrador Xisqueta” project at the Escuela de Pastores de Cataluña [Catalan Shepherds’ School] (2009-2017) and a member of the team at the local revitalisation company, mOntanyanes.

A graduate in Fine Arts and with a postgraduate qualification in Cultural Management, she spent eight years promoting and managing the Escuela de Pastores de Cataluña and other local revitalisation projects, such as “Xisqueta”, which works to revitalise pastoralism through wool and crafts from the Pallars Sobirà region. Her work has always focused on harnessing an area’s resources with the aim of empowering local populations. She is currently concentrating on artistic creation as well as generating critical thinking on rurality. She has a small flock of 11 sheep.