Oreka TX

Music band

These are the members of the band Oreka TX

  • Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente: txalaparta made of wood, stone, bamboo and tin 
  • Mikel Ugarte: txalaparta made of wood, stone, bamboo and tin 
  • Mixel Ducau: alboka, wooden clarinet and soprano sax
  • Juanjo Otxandorena: bouzouki
  • Iñigo Egia: percussion

The band was formed by Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa in 1997, and since then has never stopped researching and promoting the possibilities offered by the txalaparta (an instrument rather like a giant xylophone) experimenting not just with its musicality but also with the materials it can be made from (everything from the original wood to stone, tiles, bamboo, and even ice!), enjoying and getting others to enjoy this marvellous instrument.

Oreka TX today is made up of the “txalapartaris” Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Mikel Ugarte, together with Mixel Ducau, Iñigo Eguia and Juan Jose Ochandorena. They have presented their work on five continents, winning over public and critics alike thanks to the instrument’s flamboyance and the energy of the band.

Together with their research work, Oreka TX like to link up with other artists, genres and projects. Proof of this is the sheer number and variety of collaborative partnerships they have been involved in. Phil Cunningan, Ara Malikian, Manu Dibango, Aziza Brahim, Motoko Hirayama, Silvia Iriondo, Carlos Nuñez, the Rai National Symphony Orchestra and Hakon Kornstad are just a few of the many big names they have worked with.

In addition to musical fusion, they also enjoy experimenting and constructing shows with other artistic disciplines such as dance, circus, audiovisuals, rural sports and other elements that inspire them to create thought-provoking universes.
But the greatest pleasure for Oreka TX, something they value even more than all their partnerships, or the prizes and recognition they have received, is sharing their passion for the txalaparta and the world of Basque culture.