Marta Gil Adelantado

Cook and founder of All Verd Catering

Her love of cooking comes from afar. She has always liked stoves.

Her cooking is based on cereals, legumes, vegetables and vegetable protein, combined with fish, preferably wild. Always with local and seasonal produce.

She studied natural dietetics and dietotherapy at the Institut Roger de Llúria, run by Dr Olga Cuevas, and did traditional pastry-making at Espai Sucre and several natural cooking courses with Mercè Brunés and Isabel Celma.

She believes that cooking and transforming food for the dining table is an act of magic. This magic feeds off the energy we give off when making it and from the product itself which we have chosen. Which is why it is so important for food to be whole, such as wholegrain, and seasonal vegetables. Fresh, quality food that is full of life. When it is made with the utmost keenness and love, we will end up in harmony and feeling happy and healthy.

She founded ALL VERD in 2013. They provide the catering for work-day and meeting breaks at public and private companies, events and weekly vegetarian meal deliveries to individuals and personalised food workshops. Always with organic and local produce.

They collaborate with Dr Jorge Pérez Calvo, helping his patients to undergo personalised energy cuisine diets.

They provide advice and food styling at TV3, working with the ambience department to present dishes that appear in scenes in the soap opera Com si fos ahir and with the marketing department, for example, with the latest promotion of the new autumn season, making the food that the home presenters supposedly prepare.