Lluís Arias

Member of the Hort PiA Technical Committee

The allotments are an agroecological-agriculture project located in Parc del Doctor Pla i Armengol, in the Horta Guinardó district. They were officially opened in May 2019 and occupy 1,215 square metres and 33 plots of land, which are self-managed horizontally by an association made up of 150 local residents.

Publicly owned by the City Council, as a result of the demands made by local residents of Guinardó, Baix Guinardó and Can Baró who, in 2014, presented the City Council with the first project to turn this area into community land. Three other organisations have joined this initial core group.

Agroecological agriculture is being carried out in these allotments and all decisions on everything concerning their running (cultivation, social activities etc.,) are taken in assemblies, where everyone has a voice. The allotments have a seed bank and compost from surplus biomass from crops and organic vegetable waste contributed by individuals. 

In addition to the work on the land and cultivation, the allotment is intended as a space for social and educational activities, for sharing knowledge and social interaction, open to the neighbourhood, to help build a community. 

Pla i Armengol Community Allotment