L’Horta Teatre

Professional theatre company

They produce shows both for children and for adults. The company manages the Sala L’Horta stage space (Valencia).

L’Horta Teatre is a Valencian theatre company with 45 years’ experience in the theatre business. They have carried out over 2,500 performances and produced more than 40 professional shows over the years. The company has created a way of doing things, over time, which has defined its artistic concept as well as its own entrepreneurial culture. In this regard, the company's shows have developed their own hallmark and particular character which sets them apart and identifies them, and which makes them recognisable to the public as a “cultural product” of great artistic quality.

At the moment at L'Horta Teatre, although the company is still producing shows for adults, in the last few years, it has been focusing on theatre for children.