Laia Carulla Pont

Assistant project manager at Rezero

Environmentalist. She runs projects on responsible consumption, food-waste prevention and environmental education at Rezero, a non-profit organisation with over 15 years’ experience, seeking new solutions for prolonging the life of products and materials by facilitating their reuse and for eliminating the generation of domestic waste.

Notable projects in the area of food waste include Pont Alimentari and Remenja’mmm, both launched jointly with the Banc de Recursos Foundation.
Pont Alimentari works in the retail food-distribution sector, and the catering and restaurant industry, to reduce food waste by creating a network for interaction and food re-use between these donor businesses and the recipient organisations that support vulnerable people.

In the case of Remenja'mmm, it aims to raise awareness of food-waste prevention among consumers as well as restaurants and caterers, offering proposals and alternative actions to reduce such waste.