Ingrid Aguiló Aguayo

Ramón y Cajal researcher in the Transformed Fruits and Vegetables Group, belonging to the post-harvest programme at IRTA in Lleida.

She completed her thesis in 2010 at the UdL in the field of new technologies for plant-based food processing. She has carried out post-doctoral stays in several international centres such as INRA (France) and Teagasc (Ireland) in the field of plant-based food processing.
She is currently the Ramón y Cajal researcher and belongs to the Processed Fruits and Vegetables Group of IRTA's post-harvest programme. Her experience focuses on the application of innovative food processing technologies for the development of high quality plant-based products. She is closely linked to projects focused on the prevention of waste in the fruit and vegetable chain through the recovery of surplus or co-products with the development of new products that enable their integration into the food value chain.
A few years ago, she began to look for new sources of protein by exploring legumes and micro-algae and their incorporation into food reformulation. She is currently coordinator of an EU-PRIMA project (LOCALNUTLEG), which explores pulses and nuts from the Mediterranean region to develop products of high nutritional and gastronomic value, rich in protein.
She has participated in a total of 23 national and European competitive research projects and a total of 37 private contracts. She has made a total of 61 contributions to conferences and a total of 42 transfer activities for the sector. She has published 100 scientific articles, 81 of them indexed in SCI, 12 book chapters, 8 popular articles and is co-editor of two books published by Wiley Blackwell. Dr Aguiló Aguayo has an h-index of 23 according to the WOS database.