Enric Tello Aragay

Environmental historian and professor at the Department of Economic History, Institutions and Policy and World Economy in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona

Enric Tello is an environmental historian at the University of Barcelona, where he runs a multidisciplinary research group within the Faculty of Economics and Business, on sustainable agricultural systems, which adopts historical and contemporary perspectives for assessing the degree of bioeconomic circularity of agro-ecosystems, the biodiversity that their cultural landscapes maintain, and the ecosystemic services that they offer society, to help pave the way for a new agro-ecological transition for the 21st century. He is a member of the Barcelona Ecological Economy School, and maintains close relations with the Vienna Institute of Social Ecology and other universities and research groups on energy flows and materials in agricultural systems and landscapes in Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba. 

He has published numerous articles in journals such as Ecological Economics, Journal of Agrarian Change (where he was awarded the 2018 Bernstein & Byres Prize), Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Agricultural Systems, Environmental Science & Policy, Science of the Total Environment, Biodiversity & Conservation, Landscape Ecology, Regional Environmental Change, Ecology & Society, Ecosystem Services, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, Climatic Change, Journal of Cleaner Production, Land Use Policy, Sustainability, Applied Geography, Human Ecology, Ecological Indicators, Ecological Modelling and Historia Agraria (where he received the 2019 Ramon Garrabou Prize). In 2021 he was jointly awarded, along with M. Àngels Alió and Helena Perxacs, the Joan Lluís Vives Prize in the university edition of science and technology for the book Què hi ha darrere la crisi ambiental? Aportacions des de l’ecologia social.