Eixarcolant collective

Eixarcolant Collective

The aim of the Eixarcolant Collective is to promote a model for producing, distributing and consuming food, and for a more sustainable, ethical and fair socio-economic development, using as its tool the recovery of edible wild species and traditional farming varieties.

Founded in 2016, Eixarcolant has been carrying out projects all over Catalonia in the fields of research, regional dynamisation, education, training and advice in order to promote a return to the cultivation, marketing and consumption of these species and varieties in an sustainable and ethical way.

The Eixarcolant Collective works to reclaim a heritage that may look like something from the past but which is nevertheless crucial for transforming the future. A framework ultimately has to be created to enable the production, distribution and consumption of these species and highlight how another agri-food model is as possible as it is crucial.

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