Diana Amigó Pelfort

She is a working partner and founder of Economat Social de Sants and a promoter of Quèviure, Distribuïdora de Mercat Social.

Economat Social is a cooperative dedicated to the trade, acquisition and sale of products hailing from agroecology, with the aim of offering its associates the best food.

THEY OFFER a choice of products for members under the best conditions in terms of price, quality and social equity, to guarantee the fundamental right of every citizen to food without chemical products or genetic modification, while ensuring that the processes involved in the creation and distribution of these products incorporate social and environmental value.

THEY AIM to use consumption to promote not just agroecology and food sovereignty but also intercooperative relations and the promotion of the cooperative movement, fraternity, culture and social transformation.

WORKING PARTNERS, ECONOMAT’S DRIVING FORCE: They work to ensure the mechanism runs smoothly and is increasingly practical.

WORK IS A TOOL OF THE PROJECT, NOT AN END IN ITSELF. COLLABORATING PARTNER families, THE HEART AND SOUL OF ECONOMAT: Commitment to the project through the correct use of the purchase circuit.

All together, it is we, the Working partners and Collaborating family partners, who are Economat Social (we make up 100% of the cooperative’s assembly) and through our consumption, agroecology and food sovereignty are nurtured and strengthened, so they can contribute to a fairer and more sustainable economy!


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