Carles Gasol Martínez

Managing partner, founder and director of the area of project capture at Inèdit and associate professor at the UAB. 

PhD in Environmental Sciences from the UAB. Graduate in Environmental Sciences (2003) from the University of Girona, and master’s degree in Environmental Sciences (2006) from the UAB. Expert in Environmental Management Systems for Clemson University, South Carolina. His doctoral thesis was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education as part of his research and he has run projects for applying tools to analyse the life cycle, carbon footprint and eco-designing applied to the production of agro-industrial products and processes. He is currently a managing partner, founder and director of the area of project capture at Inèdit, and an associate professor at the UAB. 

He is also a founding member of the company Tectum Garden, which is dedicated to the implementation of urban agriculture. 

Inèdit is a company created in 2009 within the Research Park at the UAB by a group of entrepreneurs from the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA). Inèdit was created with the goal of generating a company that could transfer the technical knowledge of the environment generated at the university to the Authorities and private companies.
Inèdit offers innovation services for its clients’ products and services, based on an eco-design of environmental challenges and environmental integration as a factor for competitiveness. Environmentally and economically quantifying raw materials, processes, consumed energy, generated waste relating to the life cycle of companies’ products and services enables the design of more efficient optimisation strategies, reducing production costs and environmental impact.