Àngels Fisas i Ollé

Partner and joint owner, along with her son Lluís, of Verdures i Fruits Molins, Mercat de la Concepció and a member of the market’s Board.

Àngels was born into a traditional Catalan family of farmers with its roots in Molins de Rei. The first born of three siblings, she inherited the family business at the age of 18 through her own decision. Both she and her son Lluís have followed the path of farming. It's in their blood. They represent the third and fourth generations, respectively, of a dynasty of farmers and fruit dealers established in La llera del Llobregat.

Àngels has always been in touch with other farmers and small producers. “Educating” customers in consuming local produce from organic agriculture is a priority for her and Lluís.

Àngels establishes a strong connection with the people who come to buy at the market, treating her customers with dedication, warmth and integrity. She also looks after and tries to stay on top of the needs of her colleagues. Àngels, the heart and soul of the stall, organises, coordinates and ensures everything goes smoothly.

Working in the market, as on the farm, is a way of life.